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Can't record vocals on SSL 2 in Studio One

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asked Jul 5, 2020 in Studio One 4 by stevecollom (120 points)
SSL 2 is working and playing back audio fine but when I add an audio track and arm there is no signal and nothing records. It works fine on older OS so I am assuming the drivers and incorrect.

Please help

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answered Mar 18 by vladimirsis (140 points)
I’ve got the same problem. I can’t figure out what’s the problem. If you’ve found a solution, please, share it.  

I have Alienware core i7, Studio one, ssl2 interface, mic mcl 770 and preamp Presonus bluetube. I created a track channel for mic, chose input 1 (where my mic assigned to). I went to studio one>Options>Audio Setup>Audio Device, I chose my interface solid state logic, and I try to record my vocals and nothing happens. It doesn’t record my mic.

If I switch to Asio4all ( on audio device) it turns on builtin mic (that is in my computer), but I still can’t hear my mic.

Please, help if anyone knows what to do
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answered Mar 24 by anthonycheeks (320 points)

I also have the Solid State Logic SSL 2+  (with midi)  USB interface and have had no trouble with either FL Studio or Studio One.    In fact I as someone who was using a PCI-based  sound card due to USB latency issues,  I am loving the SSL with ZERO latency. 

I am using the version of the ASIO driver provided  by the Solid State Logic Company.  

Solid State Logic ASIO DRIVER is what I have specified for my output driver.   I then select the inputs for the SSL on my track for the vocal or narration. .   That is the only suggestion I have.  Make sure you are using the SSL version of the ASIO driver.   I do seem to recall that I had problems when I first installed Studio One trying to use the default ASIO  but I cannot swear to that.     ,   Good luck.