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Add "clip gain envelope" for volume automation in the project page

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asked Jul 8 in Mastering by olavsflaa (710 points)
Automation is not available in the project page. If the new "clip gain envelope"-feature was available for mixes in the project page, we could use it for volume automation. This would be very useful to me!

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answered Jul 19 by tomslowcat (2,110 points)
Totally agree! I can't believe they still haven't integrated that in the Project page, nevermind any other Automation! Do people at Presonus actually know what the mastering process consist of? Ask any master engineer out there, they'll all tell you how essential it is to have the ability to just quickly edit a clic or transient within a stereo mixdown. Being forced to import and edit the file in Song mode, bounce it again  and re-import it in Project mode for such a simple task is a joke that makes Project mode more of a gimmick than a serious mastering tool right now.
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answered Jul 24 by adarshchandran (650 points)
Please Presonus!! So many of us want automation  in project page!  Project page Rocks but please put automation. Automation is extremely useful