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Fades, automation and more on the project page

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asked Oct 30, 2018 in Mastering by jimmibranca (400 points)
Im really confused, when it comes to the project page and adding features. Some requests are from 2016 and there is no adds or fixes. I love the project page and the workflow, but these things are keeping me from working full time in S1 / Project Pages.

Please add clip based volume / plugin automation.

Please PLEASE add multiple curves to the fade section.

Please add the option to separate the plugin, clip and meter windows.

The meters are blue. Please give me the option to change the colours ( green, yellow, red etc. )

An option to normalize clips to a specific selected loudness or based on a selected clip in the session

The ones who use the Sonarworks Reference plugin will be happy for an option to put the plugin after the metering.

Thank You for a great and awesome daw <3

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answered Jan 25 by Lukas Ruschitzka (194,500 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

If anyone else agrees or disagrees, please VOTE!

The developers pay close attention to those that are voted on the most. 

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answered Nov 24, 2018 by andrefreitag1 (2,050 points)
+1 for automation and outboard routing pls!
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answered Jan 13, 2019 by jameslawrence (1,980 points)
Yes PLEASE PreSonus!
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answered Sep 3, 2019 by chrismarshall2 (1,100 points)
+1 on the Sonarworks request there to be post metering.
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answered Dec 6, 2019 by wernerhagen (540 points)

Automation for Project page. If I only master songs not generated in S1 I can not do critical volume changes in mastering file. Also clip gain like in protools with showing waveform changes immediately after edit. 

Yes PLEASE PreSonus!

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answered Feb 3, 2020 by philippburgmer (420 points)
Would be great to have automation in project page.

And as far as I can see it's the most requested feature for mastering at the moment.
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answered Jul 10, 2020 by adrianwhalland (200 points)
Has automation been added in V5?
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answered Jul 21, 2020 by tomslowcat (2,530 points)
And this is still not available in V5... Dear Presonus, adding new modes like the Show page is nice, but you've got to focus more on improving what's already in there! We don't want Studio One to become a Jack of all trades, master of none, do we?
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answered Jul 21, 2020 by benreaves (10,450 points)

This is a collection of seriously good suggestions for fixing the Project page. As it stands even in version 5, the Project page is useless if you use Sonarworks, and extremely limited in terms of mastering because of the lack of automation.

The Project page must include automation and support for the Listen Bus at the bare minimum. Preferably the Listen Bus concept could be expanded to something more like my "Control Room" FR that still hasn't been addressed (, but at the very least the Project page needs automation and the Listen Bus. Take this FR under consideration, please.

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answered Jul 24, 2020 by adarshchandran (2,880 points)
edited Oct 23, 2020 by adarshchandran
Please presonus.... Include automation and GAIN ENVLOPE in project page in upcoming updates please!!!
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answered Dec 2, 2020 by henriquewuensch (280 points)
+ Listen bus on the project page too!
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answered Jan 25 by davidcarlyon (330 points)
I am here in 2021 saying the same thing - the project page NEEDS Automation! Studio One is ALMOST an all in one solution, but it is difficult to imagine using this for serious mastering projects in the state it is in.

My worry with studio one is - it has a great breadth of tools and is probably the best all rounder, but many of the features, add ons, plugins etc are very basic and geared towards hobbyists/beginners.

When you look at the cubase solution to the listen bus - control room (with all those amazing analysers they have added...including up to date loudness metering)

My point is, it is a PRO solution. Not a 'rough and ready, get the job done' type solution.

That said, Wavelab doesn't have automation either which is annoying - otherwise that is the combo I would think about switching to.

So far, if I want an all in one solution for mixing and mastering, Reaper is the only real choice with its 'sub projects'

There I can import a mix, or indeed, I can 'sub project' all of my main group busses and master from stems - with full automation on channels, master, clips (including plugin automation)
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answered Jan 27 by klausnyberg (1,160 points)
So true. The project page could easily be upgraded from sometimes usefull to EPIC.
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answered Feb 4 by michaelgreen2 (310 points)
Please add automation to Projects, mastering should not be limited to flat volume changes.
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answered Feb 10 by Lokeyfly (950 points)
I'd like to see standard automation lanes/controls such as volume automation, pan automation (for subtle pan fixes). Last but not least, add the control link so that any parameters from mastering effects could be adjusted if and where needed. How sweet!
Thank You Presonus for the amazing Project page in Studio One (since it's inception). Now let's add some very useful automation control.
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answered Feb 11 by Skaperverket (3,860 points)
Great feature request. I agree with all points. I especially hope automation and more fade curves will be added. The latter for the regular part of Studio One as well.

Pyramix has a fade editor with some interesting solutions. If PreSonus Hamburg could take some inspiration from the handles it uses to manipulate the curves, that would be great. Have a look at this video (skip to 0:50):

At least I hope for an S-shaped curve. Very often I find myself missing that when mixing, as it often sounds more natural and pleasing.
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answered Feb 11 by billsaunders1 (290 points)
The project page is almost awesome - great concept but actually of limited value to anyone doing mastering semi-seriously because of the lack of automation.
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answered Mar 2 by alexleonard2 (800 points)
+100 This is absolutely necessary and is often the reason I end up mastering in Song mode instead of Project mode. Granted I don't do a huge amount of automation when I'm mastering but there are plenty of times where it's absolutely necessary. Really hope this gets added soon.