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closed Please add Listen Bus to Project page

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asked Jul 10, 2020 in Completed Feature Requests by tremo (1,130 points)
closed Jan 13, 2022 by Fabian Kiesewetter
Love the Listen Bus in S1v5 for running a separate monitor out through Sonarworks, ARC, Can Opener, etc. I'll never again have to worry about forgetting to disable the monitoring plugin before printing a mix. But PLEASE add this feature to the Project page! The Listen Bus channel strip could go right next to the existing Master channel.
closed with the note: Completed in 5.5

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answered Jul 17, 2020 by benreaves (11,280 points)

I had to check the new Project page to be sure the OP didn't miss something. They didn't.

Are you serious? The Listen bus is the thing that makes metering and monitor correction play together in unison. It finally made it possible to just use Sonarworks at all times and go straight to export in the Song page.

Can it be that nobody thought it would be useful on the Project page?

As it stands, if you set up a mastering session in the Project page (which is still not complete with no automation!!), then add your room correction post-fader, all the built-in metering shows the results of the correction software, not the actual master, rendering the entire Project page's feature set useless except for DDP export.

Like my "Control Room" FR from two years ago (!!), the Listen Bus should be a universal concept in Studio One, accessible in all modes of operation, configurable for monitor control in-the-box. (Even the integration with FaderPort still controls the "Main" fader instead of the Listen Bus fader when you select "Output control.")

This seriously needs to be addressed in an upcoming update, along with some more attention being paid to the Project page as more than an amateur's "mastering" view, or else people may give up on the Project page entirely.

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answered Aug 19, 2020 by tennitustennitus (1,580 points)
I fully agree with the two previous posters here. Why was the listen bus not integrated into the project page? And yes, we could use automation lanes in the project page at a minimum for volume and panning. Please make this happen Presonus team! Thanks!
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answered Feb 2, 2021 by jasonlillebo (2,010 points)

And I would like to have multiple listen buses. That way I could assign different correction profiles to each bus (headphone, speakers1, speakers2, etc..)
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answered Feb 21, 2021 by johnmarshall9 (550 points)
Today, while mastering a 4 track EP, I found myself needing to reduce the overall output of Studio One 5. Apparently this is not possible? I can adjust the output of the master fader, but it effects every track in the project. That has led me here.

I also use Cubase, and the thing prevents me from adopting Studio One as my main DAW is the lack of a control room, like the one Cubase has.

Being able to set up multiple monitor sources, adjust their volumes independently, and being able to process the main output with speaker calibration, and separately process the headphone output with headphone calibration etc. is invaluable.

If this was added to Studio One 5, it would be a massive workflow improvement and make me seriously consider moving away from Cubase as a DAW.
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answered Mar 1, 2021 by daniellesaux (2,540 points)
Totally agree with this request. I use Sonarworks to mix and master. Now that the Song page has a listen bus, I no longer have to worry about disabling it before updating the Project page. But now I always forget to disable it in the Project page when doing a digital release! Adding a listen bus would be a huge time saver!
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answered Apr 21, 2021 by alessandrofraccaro (210 points)
+1 !

Make it possible...

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answered Apr 26, 2021 by ashleycutler (300 points)

I'd very much like this feature! I almost always forget to turn Sonarworks off when i'm bouncing. It's not so bad if it's one track but when you've been bouncing an album for 15minutes it is really annoying when the notice comes at the end. A listen bus would be awesome but if that can't be done then it would be way more beneficial to have the warning message before the bounce rather than after! I guess that would be down to Sonarworks rather than Studio One though?

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answered Jun 11, 2021 by myqsfaxy (370 points)
This and automation. My ability to master within S1 is severely hampered without those features.
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answered Jun 12, 2021 by davidattana (270 points)
100% Agree. Without the listen bus feature I am constantly having to enable and disable plugins to compare a reference track. It's also a pain to use room correction plugins without it.

The project page is a great idea and I would love to use it as intended however without this feature I find myself going back to my old workflow.

I hope this feature will be added in new releases.


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answered Jun 23, 2021 by fabiobergeremilianodasilva (310 points)


Listen Bus was my main decision point to purchase Studio One professional!

Only to reach the end of the project to find out that it doesn´t exist on the Project view.

OP´s request was from 1 year ago. crying

PLEASE DEVELOPERS! I promise I´ll buy you some beers + coffee if you implement this laugh

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answered Jul 12, 2021 by davidbarrow (530 points)
I agree that there needs to be a listen bus in the Project Page. What about the ability to have multiple listen busses that could be linked to form some sort of speaker selection/manager section? There could be a "splitter" that combined various speaker sets with room correction software (Sonarworks). Perhaps Sonarworks could design a plugin that could live on the Project Page and handle multiple speaker sets, with room correction.
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answered Aug 25, 2021 by adrianallen (230 points)
yep Bit of an oversight - such a shame, will continue to master in a separate song page while this gets sorted I guess