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How to exclude some score symbols from playback in Studio One 5? And how send keyswitch to Notion?

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asked Jul 11, 2020 in Studio One 5 by luigidiguida (970 points)

glad to see the new score editor and keyswitch,

1. when we draw an articulation (ex. a trill) in score view, it plays the articulation (rapid notes, etc.) and this make some big problems when we press "play". Maybe we need to be able to "exclude some symbols from playback".
2. OR we need to link the symbols to keyswitch
3. When we send a MIDI track from S1 to Notion, nothing of the keyswitch go to the score in Notion: big problem!
If we draw a trill in S1, the playback in very bad! If we use the keyswitch, when we send to Notion we loos the work with articulations.

How can we do?
Currently the integration of S1 with Notion is quite unusable.

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