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Bug Report Adding Tremolos in Studio One Notation view works very wrong

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asked Dec 14, 2021 in Studio One 5 by juha-pekkakuusela (1,160 points)
Adding Tremolos in Studio One Notation view works wrong. when i putfirst two note tremolo works fine but later one looks wrong as you see. and third one in this image is copy and paste from first it also appears very wrong. rebuild score does not help. there is link png image what shows what happens. but i use also words symbol (lines) beetween notes very long goes over 2nd note of tremolo.
I also found if i do bar what i can drag and drop main view shorter later note goes smaller note value and sametime these lines look correct. but after i go back longer track note values go again original ones (nice feature) but also this symbol what should be beetween notes look again wrong.

ps. i know i can use other tools for notation (as i also use them for many reasons) but i like fact studio one plays them back. and to me is easier edit some thing in studio one and do notes from this stuff. and somecases i dont want do even do notation but still like idea automatic tremolos and trillis.

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answered Dec 14, 2021 by juha-pekkakuusela (1,160 points)
I can send image somewhere else now is dropbox link. i try look if have solution put it somewhere where is easier seen here. And program is up to date.
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answered Dec 14, 2021 by juha-pekkakuusela (1,160 points)
Only first note postion this tremolo works i mean how it looks (i think playback works fine i check later this). first note postion means first postion where i can put notes not first note pair. Also looks fine when i send it to Notion. When i send it back goes also back to bad in studio one. i cannot even insert two note tremolo pianoview.(what can partly solve my needs i if dont care how Studio One notation view looks looks really bad when i do such thing).