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SO5's new limiter

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asked Jul 23 in Studio One 5 by paviproczko (450 points)
I don't understand how the threshold on the limiter works. It is different now from SO4's version.

Does someone have a simple explanation for me? It screwed up my work when I transferred over to SO5, and I'd like to get back on track.

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answered Jul 23 by fschmidt (5,100 points)
edited Jul 23 by fschmidt

"Threshold is relative to Ceiling. Variable from Ceiling value to 12 dB below Ceiling value. Automatic make-up gain is applied as the Threshold is lowered." That's what's inside the manual...

Let me try tro find a better explanation:

Basically you lower the threshold, like you would do with a normal compressor,
just that this compressor has a ratio of infinitive:1, which effectively turns it into a limiter.
As you turn down the threshold an equal amount of make-up gain is applied
to bring your peaks back up to the output ceiling. (Otherwise the overall level would just get quieter,
just like when using a compressor without adding make up gain.)

This logic makes actually more sense than most limiters where the "threshold" is infact not a threshold
but rather an input-gain knob, that raises the level towords the "ceiling"/"output".