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Songs from Studio one v4 don’t translate to studio one 6 due to the new limiter

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asked Jul 24, 2023 in Mixing by sebastianimbierowicz1 (160 points)
the new v2 limiter normalizes the signal, making it drastically louder at the output. limiter v1 did not have a similar option. now after opening the project from studio one v4 in version 6, the channels on which the limiter was present have a completely different volume than in the original project. much much louder. please add to the limiter v2 a button to disable normalization, so that its output volume is the same as in the case of the original limiter. otherwise, older users who used the limiter in previous versions will have to keep versions 4 or 5 installed indefinitely in order to be able to open songs created in older versions.

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