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Is there any way to change mousescroll hoykeys?

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asked Jul 23, 2020 in Studio One 5 by aaronphelps (120 points)
Hi all, I recently switched from Pro Tools to Studio One Artist because of either having to partake in Avid's greedy subscription based business model, or paying them an insane amount of money for a perpetual license.

So far, I have been loving Studio One 5. It's extremely intuitive; this has definitely been one of my fastest learning curves with a new DAW, and the native hotkeys for Pro Tools users helped quite a lot. However, there are a couple things I can't figure out.

In Pro Tools, to zoom in horizontally on the timeline, you can use Alt + Scroll wheel

In Studio One, with the Pro Tools hotkeys preset, to zoom in horizontally it seems to be Ctrl + Shift + Scroll wheel

I do see the option to change the hotkeys for zoom in and out, but it only allows me to change the keyboard keys for zoom, R and T

Is there anyway to change the scrollwheel and key combination for zooming in horizontally?

Also, on a unrelated note, I didn't want to create a new thread for this other quick question, but is there a tape-stop effect similar to Lo-Fi from Pro Tools, natively in Studio One?

Thanks in Advance!

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