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A way to quickly switch between Studio 26c & Realtek Windows audio; & then back?

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asked May 17, 2021 in Studio One 5 by garyschaff (500 points)
Is there a way to quickly switch between using my Studio 26c & Realtek Windows audio; & then back?

Studio One 5..2.1 Professional
Studio 26c
Inspiron 7501, 16GB, 512GB Solid State drive
Windows 10 Home; Realtek Audio

I would like to work in two closeby environments: 1) my studio, & 2) yes, my living room. I use the 26c in my studio setting.  But not wanting to cart it & the monitors around with me, I would like to move to work or listen temporarily to the living room. And then  when I'm ready to move back, to efficiently switch it back to where it was on the 26c (run it in reverse).

Can I possibly get someone to mentor me & document the proper, most efficient steps by step (numbered?), and the correct setting adjustments to be made in both Studio One AND Windows 10; and then back? I have moderate technical knowledge, but by the time I get it figured out each time by hunt & peck, I'm too pooped to create & be creative anymore..

That said, seeing as I can't be the only one out there interested in this, I'd also be interested if there's a way to automate the  process, or doing it with shortcuts (or something like that). Hopefully, I hope this part isn't pushing my luck here. :)

Any ideas? Thank you so much for even reading & considering this. I really appreciate it, I truly do.


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answered Dec 2, 2021 by garyschaff (500 points)
I would still find a response to this very helpful. Second look?