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why cant I access my studio one software

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asked Feb 24, 2016 in Studio One 1 by aaronkahtava1 (160 points)
Im trying to access my studio one software after 3 years of not using it with the same computer I first registered with. it says the key has already been used and this computer cant access it. Its the same computer! If you have any way of fixing this issue please let me know! This is incredibly frustrating not being able to use something you paid good money for.

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answered Feb 24, 2016 by AlexTinsley (827,370 points)
selected Nov 11, 2016 by connorguiberteau
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Because you are trying to log in with a different account than the one you registered with originally.

Your AudioBox One Box bundle that you just registered is registered in with this account aaronkahtava1.

Your Studio One v1 that came with the One Box bundle was registed in 2011. Think for a moment, what different emails you may have used in the past and try logging in and/or doing password recovery to get into the account.

If you're still having trouble log a support ticket with us at and a support agent can help get it worked out for you.