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Why can't you just drag the timeline/playback cursor?

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asked Jul 26 in Editing by emilepandolfi (230 points)
I am new to Studio one also. Could not believe you couldn't drag the playhead. But (hunt and punch) I found out that you CAN!!!! I don't know why I have been unable to find this answer. Apparently it's a deep dark secret:

Menu Bar/Studio One /Preferences/Advanced/Editing/

Check "Enable crosshair cursor for tools" (This lets you drag the cursor and then click at the location, but it can be annoying 'cause it's there all the time)

ALSO Check "Locate when clicked in empty space"  (This lets you locate the cursor in empty space without having to go to the top bar)


That handled it for me.

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answered Jul 31 by jazzundso (87,420 points)
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answered Jul 26 by emilepandolfi (230 points)

(I have been using ProTools before this).   On further experimentation, I realized that you have to be using the range tool for the dragging crosshairs to work. If you use the arrow tool (or combination) the timeline cursor won't drag, but you can still move it and click it at the new location. So that may be a choice for some. 

With the arrow tool, you have to hold down Cmd (Mac) to get the crosshairs to show up and drag. 

I suggest you play with it till you find something that is workable for you.