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Studio 68c shows up in UC but not in mac volume control and Studio One 4

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asked Jul 26, 2020 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by thomaskenyon (160 points)
Install UC for my Studio 68c (already had it installed for my AudioBox iTwo) update and everything works for 3 months. I can use it to record into Studio One 4 with no problems. From UC app I change the sample rate settings from 48.0 KHz to 192.0KHz. The Studio 68c stops responding and no longer works. It shows up in the UC app but I can no longer change the settings. It doesn't show up in the mac settings anymore and Studio One 4 can no longer find it. I have tried everything from restarting computer to updating drivers and firmware but nothing works. What do I do? I sent it back to PreSonus and they returned it two weeks later saying it is "fixed" but the same issues are present.

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