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How to make separate volume autonomations with one Kontakt instance?

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asked Jul 30, 2020 in Studio One 5 by michamac (190 points)
Hi guys,

I've been using Studio One 5 for 7 days now and I have a problem:

I have some instruments loaded in Kontakt and of course I wanna make multiple outputs. But after that I'm not able to change or make volume autonomation on only one track becouse it's changing on every Kontakt output track.

Is there any easy way to being able to doing it separetly so I don't have to use many Kontakt instance?

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answered Jul 31, 2020 by michamac (190 points)
For those who are intrasted in this case if you want to control volume of single instument in Kontakt, the best way is to add new parameter for autonomation. For example I'm using Expression parameter in Metropolis Ark 2 and this let me change volume of the single instrument/channel