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When copying to Scratchpad all Shared Instument Parts are marked Separate => Copy to Scratch Pad and keep Shared Copies.

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asked Apr 2 in Studio One 3 by florianfreimann (2,080 points)
When I copy to Scatch Pad or back to the Arrangement all my shared copies are separate / not shared anymore.

I dont want to say I want to share over to other Scratch Pads but within the new Scratchpad all my same midi parts should stay linked / shared.

Now when I edit one midi clip all the similar midi clips dont update.

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answered Apr 3 by robertgray3 (16,950 points)
selected May 21 by AlexTinsley
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Maybe file a Support ticket at the Presonus Knowledge Base section. If it’s altering your data that might be a bug, depending on your steps.