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Studio One 4/5 renders reversed samples.

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asked Aug 6, 2020 in Studio One 5 by KoreyCreative (2,070 points)
edited Aug 6, 2020 by KoreyCreative
EDITED - I changed my post as it could be seen as confusing.

I just noticed that Studio One will bounce all reversed audio. (i didn't know). So a real issue is when i create my tracks, i tend to play around with different sounds. I mix stuff, i move stuff, reverse things etc. So let's say i reverse something, then hit "UNDO (Ctrl-Z windows)" that new file is still there in the folder. Also it creates this new file with the track name, and not directly from the samples name.

So if someone takes a wav file with the filename of "Kick Smash 1 billion.wav" with the track name as KICK, hits reverse, doesn't like it. Hit undo. They now have a file in their pool named KICK, with also not in the same sample / bitrate.

Also, lets say they do this again. Same "Kick Smash 1 billion.wav" hits reverse, but keeps it in the track. Studio One creates a track named KICK(2). It does this because the old leftover file is still in the pool for the project.

The issue i have with how this works is it doesn't directly take the name of the file you reversed, and uses the tracks default user name of KICK.

I have this issue right now, as i'm uploading sample info for my tracks to for sample clearing. In some projects i find these files with just default names, with also 32bit format. So i'll have to listen to the files and find the original file it was made from.

Studio One needs to fix this. If something is going to bounce without letting me know it's doing it, at lease take the info for the take it did it from, and not the track name.

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