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Rendering Queue with different bounce options in background

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asked Jul 27, 2022 in Mixing by matheusantunes3 (840 points)
It would be great to have the option to create a queue of bounces.

Say you are going to bounce the final mix and then an instrumental mix. You command that the mix goes to the queue, and then you modify (mutes, parameters, etc.) and command that this second mix goes to the queue as well. Something similar to snapshots that are rendered one after the other, with different names and after the bounces are complete, the session recalls to the original mix.

In that way, I can command that Studio One bounces different mixes all at once.

Also, if all of that can be done in the background, it would be amazing. That way, you could initiate the bounces for a mix and while that is running in the background, you can still work on other sessions.

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answered Aug 11, 2022 by nicomeyering (300 points)
OMG Please. I bounce my masters in realtime ... some projects can be 45min long