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V.5 CRASHING like crazy

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asked Aug 10 in Studio One 5 by tonylukashuk (250 points)
Having my growing pains with V.5 upgrade. Although I am enjoying the new features, this version has fatally crashed more times since installing than all the crashes I ever had in previous versions combined. I imagine it is not just me? Worst of all, My native instruments daw integration was spotty with V4 (having to reset frequently) but now it seems to be broken once and for all and that is a deal breaker for me. Before a reboot would get the Komplete Kontrol - Daw PORT to reappear and thus fix my integration connection but now that doesn't even work. Any advice??

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answered Aug 21 by garymaguire (11,400 points)
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Please contact Technical Support.
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answered Aug 10 by leereams1 (160 points)
I don't have an answer, but I can sympathize.  Since the upgrade to V5, the program freezes and has to be shut down.  Simply exiting V5 takes about 30-45 seconds while it sits and thinks about it.  Love Studio One, but never had this problem with previous versions.
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answered Aug 13 by aka_busker (22,070 points)
New update addressing bugs was released a few days back.  Make sure you have updated to 5.0.1.  On the start page, click check for updates and install from the start page.
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answered Aug 20 by andreaskupfer (400 points)
Was hoping for that update too, but it didn't help, still freezing like hell.

Recording for bout 15 Minutes worked fine, then replacing IKmultimedia EQ with Presonus EQ and.....freeze.

I updated all my Waves plugins, IKMultimedia Plugins are newest version, so S1 5 just sucks, everything works fine in S1 4.

Very very dissapointed, this Software is absolutley useless for me.