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Merging and Duplicating problem

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asked Aug 10, 2020 in Studio One 5 by giuseppetria (1,450 points)


I am new to Studio One and I'm having some problems with merging and duplicating.

When merging some audio files, it creates some empty space on the edges of the file, like a bar or two.

When duplicating, the sample doesn't duplicate right after the end of the original sample, but it duplicates leaving a couple of bars between the two files.

Original Sample - Step 1

Cut the sample into shorter parts - Step 2

Merged it - Step 3 : Why does it create does emtpy additional parts? It should merge just the sample from start to end.

After I've cut the empty parts, I duplicate it- Step 4: It leaves those 2 bars in between, instead of placing the duplicated sample right after the end of the original sample.

How do I fix both these problems? I want the merge to stop creating those empty parts. And the duplicated file to be duplicated right at the end of the original sample.

Thank you

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