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Merge notes in one voice

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asked Aug 14, 2020 in Notion Feature Requests by namae (440 points)

It would be cool to have the possibility to move notes in another voice, and simply have them being written on top of the notes that already are in the new voice.
So we would basically merge the notes of two voices.

I know I'm not really clear, but say I have something like this:

And I want to move the notes from voice 2 in voice 1.
Right now if I copy everything and use Paste Special and paste it in Voice 1, I get this:

You probably guessed that what I want is this:

But right now if I want this, I have to write the new notes one by one.
I know you can add an interval to a note in order to write things faster, but the point here is when dealing with copy paste situations or important amount of notes, when the intervals aren't always the same.

Obviously, this could only work if both voices have the same rhythmic pattern, or at least where the notes that can fit on top of each others (but I guess that having this work for the exact same pattern would be much more simple).

Thanks for your attention and your great work.

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