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Organization of Knowledge Base?

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asked Aug 21 in Studio One 5 by gregorywendfeldt (930 points)
Thanks for the info. I'm glad it was available somewhere even if I couldn't find it. Oh, the "technical" category! But it felt like a "start up" category question to me so that's where I looked. And those long lists of random questions in the Knowledge Base make it hard to concentrate and find anything. Key words in bold may help the way it is now.

But what would really help would be a few more specific categories and further organization. Maybe you could align the Knowledge Base with the Studio One manual?

I'll shut up now.

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answered Aug 21 by robertgray3 (38,130 points)
selected Aug 21 by AlexTinsley
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Agreed, this was very confusing when I first moved to Studio One. I ended up having to do a Google search specifically of the Knowledge Base to actually find anything.