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V5 Editor Doesn’t Focus to the Midi Notes with Single Click like It was on V4

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asked Aug 22, 2020 in Studio One 5 by Kensuke Kawahara (1,240 points)

V5 doesn’t focus to the notes like it was on V4. This is so frustrating to scroll up & down every time I switch between events with different pitch ranges.

You can alt + double click and display all the notes in the event but it makes my work flow very slow.

It required a single click for this action in the previous version.

Is there any good way to solve this issue?


1 Answer

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answered Dec 30, 2020 by m@km (600 points)
Clearly this has request has gone completely unnoticed. And i agree with it completely. It's a real pain in the *** spinning the mouse wheel around that much. There are however some other ways to help ease this burden.

Clicking in the midi editor track area and pressing Alt/Opt + Z will scale the editor window (i.e. Zoom In/out) to include all note data for the event you have chosen. Use Shift + L to zoom any looped content. If you select a specific group of midi notes in the editor, use Shift + S to scale them up to fill the editor. Checkout Gregor's Youtube tutorials, he covers a lot of useful functions like this.