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1824C Outputs 1 thru 8 do not correspond to each Input even with UC Mixer Bypass enabled

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asked Aug 30, 2020 in AudioBox USB by markkopyc1 (160 points)
I run all 8 mics when playing live (4 vocals plus other instruments) into the 1824C.    I want to send the vocals (and JUST the vocals) via Outputs 1 thru 4 into 4 channels on our PA.  

By default, inputs 5 thru 8 are routed out Outputs 1 and 2.  (foolish).  When I turn on Mixer Bypass in UC, and turn on Monitor for channels 5 thru 8 in Studio One (and have monitor enabled for Channels 1 thru 4), I get just the vocals (1 thru 4) out of the Main Output (L).    However, Outputs 1 thru 4 do NOT have each vocal channel in them.

What am I doing wrong?   I thought Bypass Mixer was supposed to cause Input 1 to be routed only to Output 1 (and main?), Input 5 to ONLY be routed to Output 5, etc etc.


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answered Aug 30, 2020 by markkopyc1 (160 points)
correction, Monitor is OFF for channels 5 thru 8 in Studio One.  Monitor is ON for channels 1 thru 4.   thanks,