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how do I set different volume on tracks that share the same vst instrument

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asked Sep 9 in Studio One 5 by riceandpeez (130 points)
I have 2 tracks that share the same vst (piano) instrument (one track has chords, the other has a melody).

I split it like this to lower the volume of the chords but when I drag the volume on one of the tracks, the volume on the other track changes too.

I could solve this by loading another instance of the piano but it is a really large instrument so uses too much ram and resources so am asking if there's a way to have separate volume control over the same instrument that is split into 2 instrument tracks..maybe something to do with the mixer perhaps..

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answered Sep 9 by matthewritenburg (12,150 points)
It’s not ideal, but you can reduce the velocity of the notes in the chord track so the chords are played softer than the other track.

Another approach would be to render each part to audio so you can control their volumes separately.  This has the added benefit of reducing the load on your CPU because you no longer need the piano plugin instrument.