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How to screen VST plugins I'm currently open inside Studio One when I screen share the application on Discord

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asked Mar 18, 2022 in Studio One 5 by ahmaddhamirimuhammadfarhan (120 points)

Hi, seems like this problem is really minor but I want to share a little problem I have at the moment.

Before that, here are my specs right now:

  1. Windows 10
  2. Presonus Studio One 5 Artist
  3. Presonus Audiobox USB96 25th Anniversary Edition

So often when I'm making music, I do join some voice chat group in my friend's Discord at the same time.

And most of times I would share my studio one screen to them, just to show what I'm working on or just jamming.

I have no problem sharing audio since I'm using Voicemeeter as a middle man between the DAW & my audio interface. When I screen share, Discord can show the project page, but cannot show the VST plugins that currently I'm on at the same time.

Here's example of the situation

1 - I'm sharing my Studio One by application screen share and open my Sylenth1, but my screen share didn't share the plugin, treating them as another application I open. Note that I can show my Sylenth1 when I change application screen share but I preferably don't want to back and forth doing that when I'm working on something.

Even if I toggle the pin button it still doesn't share the plugin I'm on.

2 - If I screen share my monitor, it can show the plugins I open without any problem. The problem is that audio cannot be output through a monitor screen share. Fortunately, I found alternative that is Sonobus, which enable the audio streaming inside the DAW but the drawbacks from it is the latency.  If possible, I don't want to use Sonobus all the time to include audio streaming inside DAW when I want to screen share my session with my friend.

Any suggestion that I can try look in the settings for this problem? Sorry if my question raises any confusions.

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