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how to make an insert effect receive midi signal?

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asked Sep 26, 2020 in Studio One 5 by faizanshakeel (140 points)

I need to use midi feature of pro-q 3 (click midi learn inside pro-q, click a knob, move knob on controller ), seems so simple but this will work only if pro-q receives midi but it doesnt, I read that a midi track can be used to do that by setting the output to the insert effect but that doesn't work either.

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    answered Sep 26, 2020 by matthewritenburg (14,910 points)

    To assign a MIDI track to an effect inserted on an audio channel, click on the instrument output dropdown box on the MIDI channel that you want to send to the effect and then select the effect as the output for that  channel.  See below that I have an audio channel with Pro-Q 3 inserted as an effect and I have clicked the instrument output dropdown menu on the MIDI track and have selected Pro-Q 3 as the destination for the MIDI.