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Can we make it so that mixer channels can send midi CCs to external midi devices(Keyboards)?

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asked May 31, 2023 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by Donny4ggg (590 points)
When using the instrument track to send midi to an external keyboard or sound module, you have to open the external instrument panel to make adjustments to pan, volume, and other controls.  And it makes it such a pain to track using external multitimbral devices such as my Korg Kronos or Fantom-O.  It'd be super awesome to make it so that the mixer channel fader actually controls the volume, pan, mute, solo, etc. of extra instruments by sending the correct CC messages so that users can track and automate in real time just as they would with other instruments, plugins and channels without having to commit to printing an audio track.  There's "External" Aux tracks but that doesn't allow for individual mixing on multitimbral devices if I have multiple tracks coming in on one aux channel from my keyboard.

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