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closed FR: access to insert automation via instrument track

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asked Mar 21, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by jesseweston (300 points)
closed Mar 21, 2016 by jesseweston

A small request:

Please make insert effects automation available on instrument tracks. Currently if you want to create automation for an insert effect you have to create a separate track, as there is no way to choose it from the instrument track.


I have a vst plug-in on one track, with a flanger inserted. When I choose automation from the instrument track, the flanger automation options are not available. I then have to create another track specifically for the flanger automation, then drag it to the instrument track, and also delete the extra track created for the flanger automation.

Not a huge deal, but it just seems like it would easy enough to add the flanger automation options to the instrument track and eliminate the 2 extra steps involved.


Never mind, just discovered the drag and drop method, done by dragging the hand icon in the upper left to the track.

closed with the note: Found the way to do what I wanted