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upgrade studio one artist 3 for studio one 5 Artist

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asked Sep 28, 2020 in Studio One 5 by ronaldotubias1 (120 points)
hello, I'm from Brazil and the dollar we pay in products is 5 times more, is high for us, would have a discount coupon for upgrade version Artist 3.5 " this not from the vsti support which I registered from the company Nektar to which I won a keyboard and a CD along with the keyboard masterkey49 which I registered KBL3-CVRD-Q7FH-XCQM-77XR-ZJXR-MI23 Vendor: Nektartech v1.6.5 build 16006 , where the site let update up to version 3 Artist" and migrate to studio one artist version 5 would be very good, on the site is 49 dollars to upgrade, for me currently paid in my local currency R $ 5, 60 every 1 dollar, 5.6 more, it is as i was paying 274 dollars in the end, I would immensely acquire very much the studio one 5 Artist , because my work is only music now and I do not leave home because of this pandemic, my gain only come from digital platforms that is not much, our cost of living is high here in my country Brazil, I currently use CakeWalke BandLab, but never compared to Studio One 5 Demo version to which I tested and loved, much higher! What could they do for me? Grateful.

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