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My studiolive 16.0.2 wont work in el capitan

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asked Feb 28, 2016 in Classic Mixers by jasonjackel (160 points)
computer specs:

 - iMac (27-inch, eind 2009)

- 2,8 GHz Intel Core i7

- 12 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

- video card ATI Radeon HD 4850 512 MB

OS X EL CAPITAN version 10.11.3


Can you please help me

I have try everything I have deleted all old files as described in your manual and follow every step but my presonus 16.0.2 wont show up on my mac.


Please help me!!

Kind regards,

2 Answers

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answered Mar 1, 2016 by abrand2 (32,110 points)

Please proceed to go through this article.  This step by step process has you check every function of your mixer - from the hardware connection side to the installation of drivers.


How Do I know my StudioLive (Ai) is connected to my computer and functioning over firewire?


Note that this is roughly what Technical Support will be giving you to go through and investigate yourself, and let them know where the problem lies.  Again, it covers everything you need to know.

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answered Mar 1, 2016 by jasonjackel (160 points)

I have tried these steps but it didn't work.

I am gonna give it a nother try.

Thanks for the support.