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Exclude pickup bar when setting up "bars per system"

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asked Sep 30, 2020 in Notion by andrslajosbrosk (710 points)
I want my score to have four bars per system except the first system, if I have a pickup bar, in which case I want that one to have 5 bars in it (obviously...)

I have found a previous thread from 2017 where the support got back to someone with a similar question but unfortunately, their advice doesn't work for me. What they said was: link the first bar to the second one. They also said, you might have to mess around with the notation size, which I have but still nothing has changed, the first system still has four bars in it. leaving my overall score very asymmetrical. In this thread they also say that I might have to wiggle around with the layout handles, which I also have but still nothing has changed... Please, I ask the support people kindly, to try out what I am talking about because the method they mentioned to the previous person asking the same question just doesn't work. I am a jazz musician and I am writing lead sheets on a daily basis and it feels like it takes unnecessarily too long to sort out the layout and formatting of my sheets after having payed for a software... I can do my scores on a similar pace with a free software too but then what's the point of purchasing professional software if not for the precious time that could save with them?

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answered Sep 30, 2020 by andrslajosbrosk (710 points)
Got it... Sorry for being a Karen for a moment, got myself angry for no apparent reason for a second...
When they say "link the previous bar to the next one" they mean link the last bar in the first system to the next one and it will automatically sort it out.... Sorry!