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SL32s I have no outputs to my main speakers.

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asked Oct 2 in StudioLive Series III by galescreekchurchofgodwiseman (190 points)
No light indication on L or R output. Swapped speakers from main out to monitor - Sound from monitor sounds talking into a pillow.

Sound in general sounds low.

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answered Oct 7 by jonnydoyle (357,060 points)
selected Oct 15 by jonnydoyle
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Ensure you have audio being sent out the main mix. Ensure the volume pot on the back of the console is not off.

If the issue remains then please log a support ticket.
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answered Oct 7 by galescreekchurchofgodwiseman (190 points)
After 6 hrs of troubleshooting, I ended up doing a factory reset and that fixing the issue.  Then I spent the next few hrs configuring, ect...
commented Oct 15 by jonnydoyle (357,060 points)
If that worked then you had messed up digital patching somewhere. Get it working again and save your Project/Scene and backup the mixer.