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cannot pan recorded tracks and they get loud to off when I try! Left loud to right off

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asked Oct 4, 2020 in Studio One 5 by stevenstabile (140 points)
Still haven't gotten my answer to #616059! This problem now is just stupid that I record a track in stereo or mono and won't let me pan to either side!! Would LOVE to be able to SPEAK with someone about this or is there an online class so I can learn this software from the ground up because the manual won't answer simple questions like "what button do I press to go into record instead of having to use the mouse to click on record"??

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answered Feb 9 by Brentalonious Monk (890 points)
Are you using headphones? If so what are they hooked up to? It could be that one of the contacts is not hitting correctly so you only get one side. Being that the left is contacting and the right is not so left would have volume and right would not.

Another thought is are you connected to a stereo source? We know that on everything for outputs left is mono and right adds stereo. So I'm wondering if you perhaps have a mono plug instead of a stereo plug. Or something like that is going on so even if you hear it in both sides of the headphones there is only contact to one side and not the other so panning would have an effect like this.Maybe a bad set of headphones or bad connection, Do you hear both the left and right channels or only left?

Also if you Hover over a button and wait a second the shortcut dialogue will appear. Record is (Number Pad) * (star)