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asked Oct 4, 2020 in Studio One 4 by carlosgarza (120 points)
edited Oct 4, 2020 by carlosgarza
This issue started about a week ago or so. Whenever I mute and disable all tracks I seem to have an audio track playing in the background. These sound like they were vocals that we decided not to use. The audio is playing through the master track. I pull up the mixer and everything is pretty much disabled but for some weird reason the audio track keeps on playing. I have tried deleted any unused tracks and deleted anything I am not using. I think I even deleted all of the tracks and yet still getting audio. I also have an issue with the track being loaded and then cutting off either entirely or in sections. Not sure what to make out of it. The only thing that did seem to work was for me to export the entire session stems and re-open the session. the only bad thing about that is if you are deep into the mix could be an issue. If you are just starting out the session maybe not so much. Can you help!!

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answered Oct 8, 2020 by heartleake (140 points)

I am having the exact same issues with Studio 4.6

This issue started a few weeks ago. Whenever I mute and disable all tracks, I seem to have an audio track playing in the background.  I tried everything, including copying bounced tracks to a new project.  Still the same issue occurs.