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SL32 SERIES III, Drop out issue on multi track drum recording

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asked Oct 9 in Studio One 4 by zarniaung (410 points)

Hi, does anyone out there encounter millisecond dropout when you do re-record to the simultaneous drum tracking on the same session. ? I am tracking with the green Z setting in order to reduce the latency. Without green Z setting NO dropout on the re-record session, but will have latency issue. Also it is only happening to the drum tracking. There is no issue with two to three simultaneous tracking, even with green Z setting. Please refer to the below video click in the link for better understanding.

Appreciate if anyone can advise the workaround on this issue. 
I am using 
1)studio one 4 pro latest version
2) interface SL32 series III
3) IMac , 21.5” mid 2010
macOS High Sierra
Processor 3.06GHz, Intel core i3
Ram 16 GB 

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