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Suddenly my AudioBox iTwo started recording static

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asked Oct 21, 2020 in AudioBox i-Series by pieterdewulf (120 points)
I used my box and recording mic M7 a couple of months without issues. But suddenly, when I record, I only hear static and the recording is really really silent (if the volume is on 1). If I put the volume up higher, it is even worse, static all over.

I tried uninstalling, other USB port, etc. but it always comes back. Another mic, same issue, another mic cable and/or USB cable, same issue. I installed the Box on another pc (laptop) and there the issue is away.

But strangely, when I re-attach to my PC, the first time, the static is minimal, when I then rerecord, it is back in full.

What is wrong with my PC? Is it an issue with the power supply?

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answered Feb 21 by antoniostaropoli (140 points)
Was wondering if you're still experiencing this problem or if you have a solution. I have an AudioBox iTwo that started doing the same exact thing all of a sudden.