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Audacity only recording channel 1 on stereo. Records both channels in Studio One - Audiobox iTwo - Win 10

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asked May 18, 2020 in AudioBox i-Series by mitchheil1 (130 points)
I have been helping other people set up their computers to record podcasts for a few years now. Most are not very technical people so the easier the better. We have been using the Audiobox USB 96 and Audacity together for several years with no problems. Recently the USB 96 was out of stock so our client got the Audiobox iTwo. They installed the universal control software and restarted the computer. In Audacity and Ocenaudio when you record it only records input 1 but as a stereo track so equal both left and right. Input 2 is not recorded at all. When I opened Studio One it shows both mics recording independently. The issue is studio one has a very complicated interface compared to audacity or oceanaudio. They don't need to mix and master. Just record and send the audio off for editing elsewhere.

Why can the USB96 record the 2 channels separately in Audacity but the iTwo cannot?

And when I open Universal Control the iTwo is not displayed under devices but studio live and something else are shown as being connected over wifi? I've never seen that before and they do not have any other studio recording equipment in their building and definitely not connected over wifi.

I don't know the full specs of the computer, but its win 10.

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