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Help me understand liense transferring please

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asked Oct 23 in Studio One 4 by hernanborrajo (120 points)
Okay so i had SO 3 and then upgraded to SO 4, now i am wanting to sell my license.

I have been saying its a SO4 license transfer, but i am not sure how this works since as i understand it is tied to the SO3 license, so how do i go about selling/transferring it? do i need to transfer each one of them individually or by doing the SO4 it will automatically  assume and process the 3 as well?

i dont quite understand how this all works.

Thank you in advance

1 Answer

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answered Oct 23 by cdricblanqui (7,110 points)

You have one licence number for each version.

So you can transfer V4 and you'll keep V3 or transfer V3 and keep V4, etc