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i don't understand how the i/o routing to external hardware works, please help

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asked Dec 6, 2019 in Studio 192 USB 3.0 Interfaces by stephenlittleton (240 points)
i am running Pro Tools 12.8 on a mac, OSX 10.13.6. my interface is a studio 192. i have tried to use my compressor as an insert and as a send but have no luck getting a signal out of my interface. i have searched online and found very little written about this. i have read that the Line Out 1-2 from PT is really 3-4 in the interface and have routed both cables and internal i/o's with every possible configuration i can think of but still have no signal into my compressor. double and triple checked that cables, patch bay and compressor works and still no luck. I've also tried routing the insert channel in various way with the same results. I've bypassed the mixer in UC as well. its driving me crazy. I'm not sure if I'm just missing the point, if my software is glitching, or there is something wrong with my interface. any suggestions? i feel like there is something very simple I'm missing, and would be stoked if thats the case.

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