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Hello everyone, I'm looking to understand why my AX8 (Fractal Audio amp modeler) doesn't works with my Quantum 2? HELP

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asked Dec 31, 2017 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by maxpru (150 points)
I got a Zenbook deluxe 3 laptop, it's more strong than a macbook pro.

Before I played with a Focusrite and everything was OKAY...

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answered Jan 9 by davidhatchner (200 points)
I have both the AX8 and Quantum and they work fine together. You need to give more specific details about what you are trying to do. If using S/PDIF, the Quantum needs to be set to 48khz because that is what the AX8 supports. Analog from the AX8 works like any line level analog input to the Quantum.
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answered Jan 17 by connorguiberteau (17,500 points)
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This question is pretty vague, but I'm going to guess that you may have expected Quantum to have an internal mixer.

You will need to open a DAW to monitor input.