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AVB what can or can I not do, with a iMac, a 32r and SL series III mixer, for Live sound and Live streaming?

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asked Oct 24, 2020 in StudioLive Series III by timperry6 (130 points)
So I know I might need a AVB network switch, or maybe I don't?

Right now I have the 32r in stage box mode, and the main mixer controlling that. With a Asus router with cat5e for control connections and AVB run with a erthercon cable between the two. The Asus is our qmix router and the AVB is straight between the mixer and the 32r. What I want to do is mix the live stream out of the sanctuary in another room. While someone runs the house sound. The 32r is on stage, and the mixer is back at FOH position. I also use a black magic ATEM pro for the streaming portion, with the audio coming of of flex mix 15 and 16 in matrix mode. I have been mixing house and live stream (over headphones) from FOH. Needless to say the live stream kinda well isn't great. I have 3 runs of dedicated Cat6a shielded run to this other room from FOH that I can use. So my ultimate question what is the easiest way to get the broadcast room control and audio, and maybe audio back to FOH so the audio and video are married and in sync? Oh, I can also run more cable to stage or to FOH if I need it! Any thoughts of solutions are a welcome.


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