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Can I connect a StudioLIve 32R via AVB bridge (Waves BR1) to a Waves SuperRack ?

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asked Jan 12, 2021 in StudioLive Series III by cijoraju (200 points)

Can I connect a StudioLIve 32R rack mixer via AVB bridge (Waves BR1) to a Waves SuperRack for sound grid plugin processing? If not what are the alternatives?

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answered Jan 20, 2021 by andrewlord5 (440 points)
selected May 27, 2021 by jonnydoyle
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From the manuals here (pg. 10) and here, the current BR1 v3 doesn't seem to distinguish between the model of AVB device.

As of right now, the Waves SoundGrid BR1 page says "This product is under revision: New Version coming in 2021."

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answered May 25, 2021 by jkgill (550 points)
edited May 26, 2021 by jkgill
I have a Series III 32R mixer streaming all of its AVB channels into a SW5E switch and on to the Waves BR-1. I have had no issues with using a SoundGrid server and Waves plugins live. I got lucky finding the BR-1, but so far it has proved worthy of the seach.  I'm only into the first weeks of testing, but it seems totally stable. The RM32ai does not have "real" AVB capability, so the BR-1 will not work for it.