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ARC Mixer - Recording channel prefader or postfader ?

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asked Oct 26 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by vanessevincent (190 points)

I actually own a Soundcraft MTK but the individual channel which can be recorded in my DA are PREFADER so i can't use the mixing abilities of my soundcard.

I would like to record EVERY channel POST FADER ARC series for me ?

Thank you very much

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answered Nov 2 by jonnydoyle (359,800 points)
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The USB output is Pre Fader on each channel. Recording the Main left and right mix is post fader
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answered Nov 2 by vanessevincent (190 points)
Hi thank you very much.

Honestly I think it will be more interesting to Record  the several track after the EQ\balance\aux...(the live tweaking) to arrange further.  Both (before/after) will be a nice solution!