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Care to share your PC specs?

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asked Nov 19 in FireStudio Series by rh10023 (240 points)
Curious if you are willing to share your PC hardware specs?  Because of Big Sur I am looking to buy a Windows 10 Laptop to do my tracking.  My Firestudio Project (2 of them) still work well.  What version of Studio One or what DAW are you using?  I am pricing out all of the laptops I can find that have Thunderbolt interface through a USB-C connector.  Hoping that your specs can help me hone in on a PC brand.

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answered Nov 19 by wesleypeterson (4,420 points)
My laptop is an HP Specter x360 I7 with 16 GB ram and a 2TB NVME (If I remember correctly it came with 1TB but I swapped it out, been a while so I'm not sure.) I use it mostly for sequencing midi and programming drums, I prefer to do that from the couch or patio. But I do most of my recording live instruments on a desktop, which is a Ryzen 3900x, 32GB Ram with several Hard drives. I run Studio One Pro 4 since I haven't moved a lot of stuff over to 5, my main drum machine crashes when opening songs on 5. I also use Notion, Cubase, and Sibelius depending on the project.