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Atom SQ Feature Request - Shift+Knob5 in increments smaller than 1 bar

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asked Nov 24, 2020 in Atom Pad Controllers by willpope (350 points)
As far as basic navigation goes, the smallest incremental move that global control "Playhead" "Shift+Knob 5" can do is a whole note, or one full bar. I would love to be able to smoothly scan the timeline and precisely cut or select an area in between a dotted eighth note and a sixteenth note within my guitar part, for example. Only being able to scan in whole-note increments gives the playhead a really severe "snap" feel with huge jumps, even when snap is disabled. I love the feel of the playhead with a mouse when snap is turned off as it allows for very precise editing and is extremely smooth down to the smallest intervals, but I find myself navigating to the bar with the SQ, then having to switch over to my mouse/keyboard to then edit within that bar. I very well could be missing something here, my apologies if that is the case. Trying to avoid switching back and forth between the SQ and mouse/keyboard as much as possible.

Also, with a mouse and keyboard, I use Shift+mouse wheel a lot to scan the timeline horizontally (without zooming) and there is no global feature to do that. Would love to have that globally set to one of the knobs, that way they can all be right there. I find zooming out horizontally (Shift+Knob6) and then playhead(Shift+knob5) then re-zooming horizontally takes a lot longer.

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answered Jan 27, 2021 by andrearocca1 (280 points)
+1 for this. A smaller increment  (beats at least) for the "Playhead" global control would be very useful. At the moment it is frustrating to use because you invariably have to switch to the mouse in order to get the playhead exactly where you want it.
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answered Feb 3, 2021 by albertosantosgonzalez (190 points)
Totally agree. The higher the resolution, the more useful this feature will get.