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Feature Request: Changing Pattern Variations via Atom SQ and Atom (live)

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asked Jan 31, 2021 in Atom Pad Controllers by Carsten01 (740 points)
It would be total cool if we could change pattern variations via atom sq (and atom) pads. I once had a maschine jam and this feature is the killer in a live gig. So what do I mean?

Image you have a 4 bar loop with 4 Tracks (for instance). Each track has a pattern with a length of 4 bars, which would be repeated. If we now have to ability to change this pattern on the fly by simply pressing a pad on the controller, we could build a whole song just by changing each pattern.

For instance Bass track:

Pattern 1: Just a bass sound on the 1

Pattern 2: is copy of pattern one, with just a few more notes

Pattern 3: is copy of pattern 2 but including the missing notes for the whole bassline (so its basically the main bass line)

Pattern 4: main base line with some changes (for using in a break)

Same with Drums:

Pattern 1: Only Kick

Pattern 2: Only Kick with Snare

Pattern 3: Full Drumpart

Pattern 4: Break

I hope you guys get what I mean, by combinating different patterns, you can build up a whole live set.

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