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Score view bug? Hairpins and slurs change and move from position

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asked Dec 5, 2020 in Studio One 5 by terjefjelde (360 points)
Finally updated to v5, which is great - the score view is brilliant. But I'm experiencing a bug (or unexpected behaviour) that detracts somewhat from my joy:

Whenever I copy, move or split an event in the arranger, or make minor changes (e.g. length) to a note in the piano view, all hairpins and slurs in the notation for that track seem to move out of position and/or change in length.

I haven't spotted the issue in any forums yet. But it doesn't seem like something that would be caused by individual setups - so I thought I'd put it out there.

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answered Mar 12, 2021 by dwmccurd (320 points)
I have a related issue which is pretty easy to duplicate.   In 4/4 (quantized to 16th notes), if you start from scratch and create a note in piano view that lasts exactly 1 measure + 1/16, is should appear in the score view as a whole note in the first measure followed by a 1/16 note in the second measure, with a tie between them.  Instead, all you get is a whole note in the first measure and no note at all in the second measure.   I can sort of correct this in score view, but further changes in piano view will make the 1/16th note and tie disappear the next time you switch views.   No work-around I have tried will fix this.  This bug existed prior to v5.2, by the way.  I was hoping v5.2 would fix it, but the behavior did not change in any way.  It may or may not matter that I also have Notion installed, I don't know.