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Pre/Post Digital Insert Option on Auxes in Current and Future Mixing Consoles

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asked Mar 7, 2022 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by christopherreyes (1,740 points)
When running plugins live it would be indispensable for the audio engineer to have the ability to restrict the use of plugins to the FOH or broadcast mix by allowing auxes to be selectable pre or post digital inserts. Oftentimes the latency associated with running plugins at a low buffer size is of little consequence at the front of house position as the FOH mains have to be time aligned to the drum kit to the order of several milliseconds anyway. Similarly, the broadcast mix can be synced up for streams allowing latency to persist before being delivered over the air or network. The story can be quite different for aux mixes, as the advent of increasingly used in ear monitoring requires as little latency as possible and plugins that may serve FOH well in some circumstances such as pitch correction might not bode well for performers and their prospective in ear mixes on stage. A pre/post digital insert option would work wonders for flexibility both on the stage and in the studio.

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