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Can you make Studio Ones sound Engine equivalent to FL Studio?

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asked Dec 31, 2020 in Mixing by jawan095 (480 points)
I feel like the sound engine/processing in FL Studio sounds far more superior than Studio One. Changing the process precision in Studio One does nothing. I can't hear the difference between 32bit and 64bit. Please make the sound engine identical to FL Studio. There's no reason clipping the master channel should include so much distortion/crunchiness (in a horrible sounding way.) When I clip the master channel in FL Studio with nothing on the master chain distortion is audible but it actually sounds good especially on modern rap beats. Studio One just sounds thin and crunchy. I'm aware that in FL Studio I have an option to change the resampling quality. Please include this in Studio One in the next update. More modern rap producers will gravitate towards your DAW in 2021 if you do. Happy holidays.

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answered Jan 10, 2021 by ThatKiDiV (580 points)
Yes, I agree. The sound of FL has a warm round sound. Allows for kick and snare transients to cut through more. I’ve tested all major DAWS and wish that Studio One figured this out.
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answered Jul 30, 2021 by jordonwilliams (220 points)
Im going to have to agree on this one. Ive used every Daw. I love S1 features, but the sound engine sounds thin compared to others. My beats are louder in Fl Studio and Logic. If they can figure this out, Studio One will knock everybody out the game.
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answered Aug 4, 2021 by bennyr1 (2,510 points)
have you compare  DAW and MIX FX in studio one is off and there happen no clipping in the DAW levelmeter ?. maybe FL have a built in limiter or so. when you export testsongs in both DAW they sound diffrent too ?. when you use not ASIO driver or asio for all it is possible that the windows limiter change the sound when near 0 db FS,.

to test whats the diffrence you can export a testsong on both DAW. then load them in in 1 daw on 2 tracks. invert 1 track. if there really is diffrence of sound engine then after invert there need hear something. if both DAW produce same result should hear nothing