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How do I switch patches in Bias FX 2 plugin without having to switch monitoring off and on?

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asked Jan 1 in Studio One 5 by christopherrich (130 points)
I have Bias FX 2 set up as a plugin on my guitar channels but every time I make an adjustment to a patch in real-time in the plugin, I have to switch monitoring off and on again in order to hear the changes. Any changes I make without turning the plugin on and off are not heard. I suspect I am doing something wrong, any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Making changes to my tone and having to switch the plugin off and on in order to hear them is quite annoying!

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answered Jan 27 by danielowen (160 points)
I don't have an answer for this - but commenting as I'm experiencing the same issue in Studio One 5.1.2 when using Overloud TH-U. Super frustrating when trying to dial in a guitar tone to record with.